About KXDocs

Power to Knowledge Management

KXDocs is a cloud-based software application which works with online storage services, such as Box, to add power to your knowledge management.

KXDocs is offered to customers in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

For Knowledge-based Businesses

KXDocs is for knowledge-based businesses – for example, consulting, outsourcing, IT services, market research, marketing/ advertising, financial services, accounting, legal and many more.

An essential part of knowledge-based businesses is maintaining a library of documents created from previous contracts, projects and business development. This library of documents is the main component of what such businesses call their ‘knowledge capital’. Most of these documents don’t get edited after they have been approved by the client. But they are accessed within the business many times: by people working on similar projects, needing to reference, learn about a particular topic, present credentials or case studies, prepare proposals for new projects, etc. Such a library is often the ‘secret sauce’ of knowledge-based businesses.

Managing knowledge capital, and getting value out of it, is a key business priority. While the bigger firms are well-served by sophisticated (and expensive!) software solutions, smaller companies have to manage with the features provided by their chosen file storage service. KXDocs is designed to address the needs of such smaller and specialist knowledge-based businesses.

Passionate about Knowledge Management

KXDocs is owned and managed by Rohan G and Ventures Nirvana, a UK-based investment firm,.
KXDocs was created by people who are passionate about knowledge management. The key people behind KXDocs are:

Rohan G

Rohan is a young entrepreneur who conceptualized KXDocs. The emergence of cloud computing and the need for knowledge management in companies convinced Rohan to visualize a solution that combines powerful document search and collaboration techniques with the cloud storage platform. While still pursuing his academics, Rohan continues to be deeply involved in the growth of KXDocs.

Shalabh K

Shalabh is the head of Ventures Nirvana which invests in specialist services and technology companies. He was previously the co-founder of a specialist consulting and outsourcing company and before that a strategy consultant. Having spent most of his career in knowledge-based businesses, Shalabh has personal experience of how knowledge management works in large and small companies.

Kanchan R

Kanchan is the Vice President for Global Delivery and runs the product development of KXDocs. He has more than 22 years in the IT field across the globe in multiple domains. Kanchan has led the development of the KXDocs product from conception.

Manish G

Manish is an experienced technology leader bringing 15 years of experience in IT strategy execution and software delivery working with customers from multiple domains. Manish is the Chief Strategy Officer for KXDocs.