FAQ | KXDocs

  • Who can use KXDocs?

Any company which has a large library of electronic files will find KXDocs useful. KXDocs is especially designed to address the needs of specialist knowledge-based organizations. For example, companies in consulting, outsourcing, IT services, market research, marketing, advertising, design, publications, financial research, accounting and legal services.

  • Can I use KXDocs for my personal use?

KXDocs is mainly for organizations with multiple users. However, you can use KXDocs to manage your personal library of documents. Please be aware that once the ‘Try for Free’ period is over, individual user too need to subscribe to a KXDocs plan for continued use of services.

  • How Do we get started with KXDocs?

If your organization has a Box or Dropbox account, you just need to fill in the Sign Up form. You will need the email id of your organization’s cloud storage account owner for the Sign Up form.

If your organization does not have a cloud storage service, please Contact Us for further information on cloud storage and KXDocs.

  • What happens after we have filled up the ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Try for Free’ form?

The email id of your organization’s cloud storage account owner is checked, when you submit the Sign Up or Try for Free forms.

Once the email address is confirmed, an email will be sent to that email id on ‘how to get started with KXDocs’.

  • Why do we need the organisation’s Box account owner email to get started on KXDocs?

The Box account owner has access to all the files in the storage. Hence, his/her account is used to sync the KXDocs with the Box account. In regular use, KXDocs will also allow users to upload to and download from the Box account through KXDocs.